Banner image - Melvin Calvin in his Nobel Lecture of 1960 refuted his lecture of 1955 (above shown) on a dark carbon reduction cycle, aka the Calvin cycle.  In 1955, A.T. Wilson and M. Calvin experimentally verified Calvin and Massini's photosynthetic light reaction (1952).  Note the statement in the 1955 lecture, "[T]he photosynthetic carbon cycle ... has been carried out by a separate collection of soluble chemicals so that we are quite sure what it is, and now we can talk about it with a high degree of confidence."  This statement was based solely on a false news release by Purdue Board, enabled by Berkeley Chemistry's claiming as its own (plagiarizing) Cornell Workers' finding of the in vitro carboxylation reaction in the dark, which has nothing to do with in vivo photosynthesis, a light reaction. 

Reconstitution of U.S. National Science Foundation's funding of basic research in photosynthesis as an alternative energy

Francis K. Fong

The Calvin Cycle[1]

For the committed GAO review by Lugar State-Director Keith Luse, in delineating the cause[2] for Treasury's recovery of its losses in a RICO action for treble damages, we need to request from NSF Director France Cordova the annual budget for funding photosynthesis research since 11/6/89.  On that date, NSF Division (Cellular Biosciences) Director Bruce Umminger circulated his paper on Fong's NSF Proposal, No. DCB 8822928, based on his senior staff James Siedow's (later Duke University Vice Provost for Research) analysis.  The issue involves: Fong and Berkeley's Melvin Calvin published their original photosynthesis papers, in which water and CO2, in a noncyclic light reaction, are combined into organic fuels.  Yet NSF, in funding photosynthesis research, uses as its peer-review standard the Calvin cycle, which Umminger ascribed to "deception" by Berkeley Chemistry.  Sustained by Judge Richard Posner's contract hit for Mr. Donald MacLauchlan, sponsor for No. DCB 8822928, to have him eliminated as a witness for the committed GAO review, the Calvin cycle resulted from Berkeley chemists' claim, as their own, the dark carbon reaction cycle published by Cornell's Bernie Horecker.


About NSFfunding.com

On 2002, NSF Associate Inspector General Peggy Fischer requested from Fong this Synopsis.  On 5/12/08, NSF rewrote its guideline for use of the rotating globe emblem by NSFfunding.com, and relinquished the URL, http://NSFfunding.com, to accept NSFfunding.com's registration request

NSFfunding.com is a New Organization of the US National Science Foundation approved by the United States Treasury to investigate the Calvin cycle and reconstitute the United States' funding of basic research in green plant photosynthesis.

This Website is based on work funded by the NSF and an IR Code Sec. 7623 contract. Fong, in partial performance of this contract, verified Purdue University President Mitch Daniels' removal from OCR (Office of Congressional Relations) of the committed GAO review of his money transfer from Treasury to the Sibley trust as seed for NSF funding of the Calvin cycle. In support, Indiana Chief Justice Brent Dickson entrusted the multimillion-dollar trust and used O.A. Rule 5 to keep cold the MacLauchlan contract.[3]          



I. Mitch Daniels, Presidential Hopeful

Fong's work debunking the Calvin cycle became intricately, inexorably, entangled with the careers dating back to the 1970's of Mr. Mitch Daniels, Purdue University President and U.S. Presidential Hopeful, and the economic model for bribe-taking judges by Chicago Law Professor and 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner.  

Fong's demonstration of the chlorophyll water-splitting and carbon-reduction reactions was lauded by James Yackel, Acting Dean, Purdue School of Science.  Purdue documented Oak Ridge National Lab's claim (by one Eli Greenbaum) of this demonstration as its own.  Fong's unfinished (and probably most important) work, the Fong-Butcher model for the plant biosynthesis of sucrose, unlike the the Calvin cycle, involves a photoreductive system in chlorophyll photosynthesis.  In April of 1988, Purdue President Steve Beering, Chair of the National Science Board overseeing the National Science Foundation's operations, for the plaintiff in Francis K. Fong v. Purdue University, 976 F.2d 735 (7th Cir. 1992), testified under oath, with specific reference to the Fong-Butcher model:

"[W]e have maintained that Dr. Fong's reputation as a scientist in my judgment was not in question as the work that has since been published in recent years shows that he was correct.  And, I, therefore, as a fell0w scientist that his reputation was upheld and indeed any questions had been removed."     

Tragically, this endorsement, which was re-affirmed 19 months later in Dr. Umminber's response to the committed GAO review, sealed Mr. MacLauchlan's fate.  Judge Posner ordered to have him killed to enter 976 F.2d 735, the Second Posner Order, to protect Mr. Daniels' transfer of the $48,903.81 from Treasury.  

In 2010, Purdue Professor John Grutzner showed that the Fong-Butcher model succeeded as an extension of Calvin, M. and Pon, N.G. (1959) J. Cellular Comp. Physiol., 54, Suppl. 1, 51-74, at Fig. 27, and, indeed, the entire bodies of the permanent literature on the lifeworks of Fong and Calvin combined.  Even so, the pervasive influence of the Calvin cycle persists, standing as tried and true, the peer-review standard used by the NSF for funding all photosynthesis research in this country.  

Accordingly, to reconstitute NSF funding of research in photosynthesis, we rely on Dr. Umminger's account of Mr. Daniels' East Chicago organized crime connections, as corroborated by NSF Assistant General Counsel Lewis Grotke.  Here we unravel Judge Posner's method for networking bribe-taking judges to execute his order of the MacLauchlan contract, the factors underlying the departure from the original papers published in peer-reviewed journals by Fong, Calvin, and their co-workers.

II. Update of 45 CFR Part 689

Fong's work was interrupted by the letters from NSF's General Counsel's Office.  On 12/7/87, the eve of the appearance in print of Fong and Butcher, Assistant General Counsel Lewis Grotke had them delivered to attorney Bill Emerick, counsel for Mr. Don Powers, Purdue Board President. On 10/30/89, Mr. Luse committed the GAO review of the complex maneuvering of the $48,903.81 transfer from Treasury in furtherance of federal funding of the Calvin cycle.  In response, Dr. Umminger wrote, on 11/6/89, that the Calvin cycle was "deception" on the part of Berkeley Chemistry.  This led Mr. Daniels' "connections" to have Tippecanoe Country Commissioners arrange our local authorities' cover-up of the closing of Judge Posner's contract on Mr. MacLauchlan by IRS-employed shooters.  By this cover-up, IRS Internal Security Inspector Terry Sparks was prohibited from naming the IRS-employed callers of the death threats, which Fong and his family received in the early morning hours of 1/3/96. These and other long-ago reported flaws under covers of an unresponsive IRS management system have, as of this writing, persisted, remaining uncorrected.    

Unattended to murders, death threats, and other crippling flaws, sheltered by a network of bribe-taking judges, would render useless any attempt by this author to reconstitute NSF's funding policy for photosynthesis research.  Therefore, for NSF to investigate the Calvin cycle, we need to update 45 CFR Part 689, given the Umminger paper as background for the 12/26/12 letter, in which Mr. Rudolph wrote, citing 45 CFR Part 689: 
"The Office responsible for investigating any fraud, research misconduct, misuse of funds, or other violations of laws and regulations is the Office of Inspector General.  They are responsible for making any subsequent recommendations regarding suspension or debarment."
NSFfunding.com's investigation concerns Mr. Daniels' removal from OCR (Office of Congressional Relations) of the GAO review to enable Judge James Moody's grant of the $48,903.81 to fictitious petitioners.  To accomplish this, Judge Moody on 5/7/04 entered an order, at 5, based on Daniels' fictitious entries introduced to cover up the murder of PCDF (Purdue-Calumet Development Foundation) Director Jay Given.  Subsequently, OIG issued its letter of 4/20/05 
to defeat IRS SB/SE (Small-Business/Self-Employed) Executive Division's authorization of 7/16/04 for Fong to investigate the Calvin cycle as a U.S. law enforcement officer, 18 USC Sec. 1515(a)(4).  In applying 45 CFR Part 689, therefore, we need to take into account OIG officers' role in furtherance of Mr. Daniels' removal from OCR of the committed GAO review.          
III. Purdue University Presidents
In a letter authenticated by an order of the US District Court, Dr. Steve Beering, France Cordova's predecessor Purdue President, explained how "succeeding IRS Directors" fit in the Posner insiders circle's bribe transactions from the Munster Plains Development.  By Fong's Final Report submitted February 9, 2013 for Energy Secretary Chu's update on Berkeley Chemistry's rejoinder, in July of 2013, President Obama appointed Dr. Cordova as NSF Director.  Meanwhile, Purdue Board appointed Mr. Daniels as Dr. Cordova's successor Purdue President.  In his letter, Dr. Beering wrote that, in 1995, to establish the Calvin cycle contrary to Calvin's
original papers, Purdue Board released a fictitious news story, Chem. Eng. News 33, 2809 (July 4, 1955). In return, SB/SE executives allowed Purdue trustees to use federal reimbursement moneys from Purdue-Calumet Development Foundation's East Chicago Federal Loan and Grant Contract to develop the 711-acre Munster Plains.    

Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner, wrote Dr. Beering in a second letter, which likewise was authenticated by the US Attorney, ordered the MacLauchlan contract.   

IV. About this Website and Its Author

On this Website, we present a workshop proposal to determine (A) a procedure for updating the Code of Federal Regulation, a revision of 45 CFR Part 689, for NSF's investigation of the Calvin cycle, and (B) for the committed GAO review, the cost to the US Treasury of the insiders circle's making of the Calvin cycle as a collapse-proof Ponzi scheme. 
Francis K. Fong, 1938 - , A.B. '59, Ph.D. '62, Princeton University, Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University (1968-1988), is Chief Science Officer of NSFfunding.com.  In 1986, Purdue Dean James Yackel wrote in recognition of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's in situ reproduction of Fong's in vitro demonstration of the plant chlorophyll water-splitting and carbon-reduction light reactions.  Fong authored and edited three books, and published over 110 technical papers in peer-reviewed research journals.  In 1958-59, he discovered the Calvin cycle, a federal tax Ponzi scheme of which the American Taxpayers are the intended victims.  For his and his co-workers' basic research on the chlorophyll water-splitting reaction, they were awarded the US Patents, US 4022950 and US 4140591

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