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Updating Notice to USP Inspection

Unraveling Posner's method

The author Francis K. Fong's LETTERS BLOG began with IDR's request to rectify the MacLauchlan murder, concluding with his Notice of 3/29/12 to the United States Postal Inspection. This update is predicated upon attorney Edwin Broecker's (lawyer for the Cook Organization, owner of the French Lick Casino Hotel) letter in response to Fong's letter of 7/3/14 concerning Ms. Robin Allen's offer of submissions of Tippecanoe County Board's assignment by Judge Posner in executing the contract hit for Mr. Don MacLauchlan, sponsor for the writer's NSF proposal, No. DCB 8822928 (collectively, "Posner's method").   

On 8/15/14, Mr. Broecker visited with Fong, Mrs. Fong, and Professor John B. Grutzner, NSFfunding.com's External Director, to re-affirm Ms. Allen's offer to submit Judge Posner's method to the Indiana Gaming Commission.

In January of 1996, IRS Internal Security Inspector Terry Sparks identified the callers of the death threats received by Fong and his family.  They were IRS-employed shooters of the MacLauchlan and Given killings ordered by Judge Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit Court.  It took nearly two decades to unravel Posner's method for lining up the cast of local players to cover up the murder on 12/4/89 of Mr. Don MacLauchlan in Lafayette, Indiana.  

This update of the 3/29/12 Notice, infra, is prompted by Tippecanoe court reporters Karen Beard and Amber Laffoon's certifications, in May of 2014, of the transcripts on Fong's examinations involving Tippecanoe Prosecutor John Meyers and Judge Busch, which concerned the issue of evidence tampering in LPD's (Lafayette Police Department) investigation of the MacLauchlan crime scene.  That issue involves Tippecanoe Commissioners' involvement.   

In mid-2012, IDR Deputy General Counsel Doug Klitzke concluded IDR's joint inquiry with Fong, which was instituted on 2/21/09 pursuant to IDR's request of 3/7/02 to rectify the MacLauchlan killing, the "Henninger's Resolution."  This request was done in compliance with the "Alternative Writ of Mandamus" issued 1/10/94 by the Indiana Supreme Court.   

The joint inquiry focused on NSF's letter issued 11/6/89, in which NSF Division Director (Cellular Biosciences) Bruce Umminger reported that the Calvin cycle was the result of deception on the part of Berkeley's Chemistry Department.  The Umminger report, done in response to Lugar State-Director Keith Luse's commitment of a GAO review of Lugar Chief-of-Staff Mitch Daniels' transfer of the $48,903.81 Woodmar trust res from Treasury in furtherance of federal funding of the Calvin cycle, resulted in the murder of Mr. Don MacLauchlan, sponsor for Fong's NSF proposal, No. DCB 8822928.  The "Alternative Writ of Mandamus" directed Tippecanoe Superior Court (Judge Tom Busch) to file a report on Mr. Meyers' cover-up of the MacLauchlan contract closed by callers of the death threats of 1/3/96.  

Notice of 3/29/12: Origins of Fong's LETTERS BLOG

Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 7:18 AM
To: U.S. Postal Inspection c/o Constance Bowman
Subject: Notice on origins of Fong's LETTER BLOG

Dear Sir or Madam,

In response to Ms. Bowman's letter Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012 8:15 AM to alert you, this constitutes my Notice to the U.S. Postal Inspection on the origins of my LETTER BLOG, as embodied in NSFfunding.com's registration request of 6/26/07.

My postings in that LETTER BLOG amount to the only safe vehicle for me to communicate, as all my U.S. and electronic mails were subject to theft, as exemplified by Ms. Bowman's attributions to Treasury executives' U.S. mail theft of Judge Busch's acting as their agent for recording the Letter 3172 as the "Second NFTL for $64,057."  To be specific:
USPS Supervisor Connie Bowman certified the contents of the Letter 3172 showing Purdue Board's use of the PX 45/PX 46 exchange involving DOJ (Tax Division) Chief D. Patrick Mullarkey and U.S. District Judge James Moody to commit perjury ("Mr. Mitch Daniels, as Senator Lugar's Chief-of-Staff, did not introduce the fictitious entries in the Woodmar docket years later used by Judge Moody to grant, by his Order of 5/7/04, at 5, fictitious petitioners the $48,903.81, which Mr. Daniels had, in 1978, transferred from Treasury to the Federal Registry, in South Bend, and, then, the Sibley trust, in Hammond") suborned by Treasury and NSF OIG officers on Purdue Board's payroll to cover up the $48,903.81 transfer.   

I write, because my joint investigation with IDR Deputy General Counsel Doug Klitzke is nearing its end without our accomplishing its goal.  

Specialized to Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepard's involvement of other justices of this state high court in manipulating its Original Action Rule 5 -- to supplant the "Alternative Writ of Alternative" with the TIAA Order in the "State Tax Case," No. 79S00-9312-OR-1399, culminating in the public service of an insiders circle of our local municipal and county authorities to cover up IRS executives' closing of the MacLauchlan contract ordered by Judge Posner -- the goal of this joint investigation is to solve the MacLauchlan murder cold case.  

The clue to solving this cold case is the missing link, that which relates LPD Lt. Gene Reed's evidence tampering on the morning Mr. MacLauchlan was murdered to the contents of the Letter 3172; that which connects Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, Illinois, who ordered the MacLauchlan contract, to Tippecanoe County Prosecuting Attorney John Meyers, who covered up Officer Reed's tampering of the MacLauchlan crime scene.  

I believe you may hold the key to solving the MacLauchlan cold case.  By an investigation of the Letter 3172, which Judge Busch recorded for Judge Moody's purported issuance of a "judgment," you will likely connect his warning of 6/29/09 to the local participants who made the arrangement which enabled the IRS-employed shooters' killing of Mr. Don MacLauchlan.
I shall anticipate sending you a formal request for your investigation for incorporation in my workshop proposal, pending my completion, on my own, of the unfinished joint investigation involving Mr. Klitzke.  

Francis K. Fong

The Update: Robin's Evidence

IDR's request for FBI investigation.  Mr. Klitzke reported to IDR Commissioner John Eckart, who reported to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, and was unable or otherwise unwilling to use FBI's standard procedure for State authorities to request its investigation of the federal crimes, to which Mr. Daniels was a likely party.  In December of 2011, Mr. Klitzke wrote for Fong to call in the FBI to take over their joint investigation.  

The MacLauchlan murder went cold, because Fong was unable, or otherwise unprepared, to gain access to the transcripts for Judge Busch's warning of 6/29/09 in open court, directed at all members of the Tippecanoe Bar Association, and Fong's direct examination of Mr. Meyers on LPD's investigation.  Judge Robert Hall, who presided over that examination directed the then court reporter to render unintelligible the tape recording by "machine breakdown."  The MacLauchlan case remained cold, until, earlier this year, court reporters Beard and Laffoon made an extraordinary contribution.  They searched everywhere for, and succeeded in securing at some "offsite location," the 21-year old original tape recording of Mr. Meyers' direct testimony.

USPI investigation - Robin's evidence.  On the strength of the Beard-Laffoon collaboration, on 4/11/14, Fong wrote IRS (SB/SE) Commissioner Karen Schiller to join him in 

"requesting U.S. Postal Inspection's investigation of Bobby's theft of [Fong's] electronic and U.S. mail, by which Ms. Bowman certified the contents of 'the Second NFTL for $64,057,' to which was attached Purdue Board's perjury."  

On 5/12/14, the Cook Organization (by Ms. Robin Allen of French Lick Vice President for Casino Operations Brian Marsh's staff) provided new evidence, as follows backed by a showing on 8/15/14 by Mr. Edwin Broecker, counsel for French Lick, unraveling Tippecanoe Commissioners' role in Mr. Meyers' cover-up of Lt. Reed's evidence tampering of the MacLauchlan crime scene:  

  1. Mr. Daniels removed from OCR (Office of Congressional Relations) the committed GAO review for Ms. Schiller's predecessor SB/SE executives to (a) close the MacLauchlan contract ordered by Judge Posner, and (b) hide the Sibley trust, to which  Mr. Daniels transferred the $48,903.81 for insiders trading in JPM Industries securities, from which the proceeds were disbursed, through NSF Deputy Director George Pimentel and CIA Director John Deutch, to revenue and NSF OIG personnel for federal funding of the Calvin cycle.  
  2. Judge Busch, through his law school connections with Judge Posner, recorded the Letter 3172 as the "NFTL for $64,057" to issue the warning of 6/29/09 to keep under wraps the $20,000 bribe transaction, which (a) he, Judge Busch, brokered as counsel for Commissioner Knochel for Lt. Reed to tamper with the evidence of the MacLauchlan crime scene, to which (b) Bianca attributed APC Executive Director Sallie Fahey's admission that APC cleared the building permits for the Chisholm Floodplain without the required FP permit by Tippecanoe's UZO ("Eric Fong is correct," said Ms. Fahey on 6/18/14, referring to this requirement).  

This new evidence by Ms. Allen compelled Fong's letter request of 8/7/14 addressed to Mr. Michael Brown, Clerk of the Sibley court, to investigate Director (IRS SB/SE) Shenita Hicks' theft with Mr. Daniels of the $48,903.81.  

Broecker's showing.  Meanwhile, Mr. Broecker's showing of 8/15/14 prompted the writer to suppose: An analysis of Anchor Dan Klein's release on 8/12/14 of CBS Affiliate TV 18's newscasts, those of Tippecanoe Commissioners' Public Hearing of 8/4/14 showing an unidentified "White-Haired Guy," is likely to show potentially even more striking proof of Judge Posner's method for the same Commissioners to participate in the murder of, or the conspiracy to commit murder, Mr. MacLauchlan. 

Accordingly, upon such an analysis, Fong shall anticipate renewing his request for IRS (SB/SE) Commissioner Schiller to join him in requesting U.S. Postal Inspection's investigation of the contents of the Letter 3127.  

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